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Goal Setting - For High School Football Players - Tip #3

Make Hitting Your Goals a Game

You love Fortnite or Madden or heck even playing football, right? Of course you do! That is because humans LOVE games. We love having the chance to win at something or earn points or advance to the next level. It is in our DNA.

That is why, in order to increase your chances of success of hitting the goals you set out for, you should find a way to turn it into a game. The more game like you can make your goal, the more likely you are to achieve. Turning a task into a game is what psychologist call gamification.

There are various ways you can turn a football goal into a game. You could workout with a teammate who is of a similar skill set and compete against them in various tasks during the workout or you could set shorter term goals that you need to reach on your way to your main goal and treat yourself when you hit that intermediate goal with something like a weeks rest from workouts or by buying the new pair of shoes you have been looking at.

The more fun you can make obtaining your goals, the more likely you are to stick with the tasks needed to develop that skill set.

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