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Goal Setting - For High School Football Players - Tip #2

Hold on to the Good Ideas, Sell the Bad Ideas

Commonly recognized in the investment community is the idea to buy low and sell high. The intent is to by an investment when it is at a low price (before it becomes popular) and sell it when it is at a high price (after it has hit its peak in popularity).

While the concept itself seems logical, human nature leads people to do the opposite. This term is called "the disposition effect" where individuals hold on to poor investments in the hopes that they will turn around, while on the opposite side of things people will let go of a good investment because they feel that they have gotten everything they can out of it, when in reality the investment was still strong.

From a football player's perspective this can similarly take shape when you are creating a strategy to achieve your goals. This happens a lot of time when it comes to training methods. Too often, you will see a player go from a very basic weight lifting regime such as basic 3 set by 10 repetition workout model 3 or 4 days a week to a more exotic set and repetition scheme, along with varied rest intervals just because they saw it on a website or because a friend recommended it, even when the original workout was providing big gains.

In a similar fashion someone will grind out a workout that isn't working just to save face at the expense of improvement.

Stick with what is working, don't change things up for the sake of change, but also don't stick with what isn't working for the sake of pride.

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