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      What are the Wizard's Ratings?

A Team's Rating increases or decreases based on the Team's performance the prior week.  The Wizard uses an algorithm to determine the amount of the increase or decrease.  The higher a Team's rating, the better The Wizard believes that team is.  A Team with a higher rating than their opponent is determined to be better than their opponent and will therefore be predicted to beat their opponent.

      What are the Weekly Oddz?

The Wizard uses a Team's Rating to determine the percentage chance that each team has of beating its opponent.  While a strong team(team with a higher rating) will have a better % chance to beat its opponent, The Wizard does not give absolute Win/Loss predictions, that is why the game is played.

      What are the Dist 3 Rankings?

This the ranking system that District 3 uses to determine who makes the playoffs.  You can see a fuller explanation of these rankings here. The reason that The Wizard also provides these rankings is that early in the season The Wizard tends to be quicker and more accurate in providing this resource than the District itself.  In addition, The Wizard tries to provide more user friendly version of the information.

The Numbers

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