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Goal Setting - For High School Football Players - Tip #1

This is part 1 of a multi part, quick hit series on goal setting/psychology in football. These are meant to be a quick read and to go over one quick aspect of psychology and how it relates to football. ENJOY!

Think B.I.G.

An athlete's brain is hardwired to grab on to their first thought on a subject. This is known in psychology terms as "anchoring".

If your first thought is to have an end goal of increasing your bench by a couple of pounds, you may hit your goal, but is the goal you achieved really something that you are proud of or are you just settling?

Your first instinct when setting a goal should be to set a high target, then assess if that is really a high enough goal. Does reaching your goal get you to a place that you are proud of?

One last thought - my boys Pinkie & The Brain know what The Wizard is talking about -

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