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Mid-Penn Keystone Division - Power Rankings Announced

It is the end of July and that means football is in the air. Players are practicing in triple digit heat indexes hoping to revenge prior year losses, defend their house and/or move up the depth charts. Fans are hoping that their hometown team can reload with talent and take the next steps for their program.

To begin that early high school football chatter, The Wizard of Oddz is pleased to begin a series of posts announcing the opening Power Ratings for the 2017 Mid-Penn Football Season. After an inaugural 2016 year where The Wizard covered the Mid-Penn Colonial Division, The Wizard is now covering the full Mid Penn Conference.

This article will announce the Power Rankings for the Mid-Penn Keystone Division.

For those of you just tuning into The Wizard of Oddz for the first time, here is a brief overview of what the Power Rankings mean and why they are important -

The Power Rankings - An Overview

The Wizard of Oddz has developed a Power Ranking system that ranks every team in each Division based on their likelihood of beating another team. Therefore the team with the highest Power Ranking would be ranked #1 in the Division and would be favored to beat every other team in the Division. The team with the lowest Power Ranking would be ranked last in the Division and would be the underdog in every game.

The Wizard of Oddz has developed a proprietary system to rank teams based on a variety of factors. However, to start a season, the Wizard heavily rewards teams finishes from the prior season. This is because The Wizard views a team as a continuing program and rewards a strong history. This is unique in comparison to most systems, including District Power rankings which refresh at the beginning of each year.

The Power Rankings are then used to determine the percentage likelihood that a team has to beat its opponent on a weekly basis and these percentiles are published by The Wizard.

2017 Mid-Penn Keystone Football Power Rankings

With no further ado, here are the 2017 Mid-Penn Keystone Football Power Rankings with 2016 Win/Loss records -

Stop back in coming days to see the Power Rankings for the remaining divisions of the Mid-Penn Football Conference!!!

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