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High School Football Workout Program - Annual Planning (Part 2)

Guy squatting heavy weight

Phase 2 - Training - this is the longest phase a high school football workout program and lasts approximately 7 - 8 months usually from around the end of the current year and the beginning of football camp in around August. The focus of the training phase of a high school football workout program is to develop the athlete's physical skill so that come the competition phase the athlete is appropriately equipped to fully execute on the skills needed for their position.

Due to the length of the Training Phase of the workout program, this phase has different focuses during different portions of the phase. During the earliest parts of the Training Phase (the first 1 to 2 months) the athlete's workout program should be focused on hypertrophy, general strength building and proper form on newly learned exercises and aerobic conditioning. This will help the athlete develop the proper baseline to safely and effectively develop more specific skills in later portions of the training program.

Hypertrophy and general form training should be performed 3-4 times a week during this period. Aerobic sessions depending on athlete position and desired fitness results should be added 1-3 times per week as well.

Once the athlete has developed a proper base of training through the early portion of the Training Phase it is time to move on to a focus primarily centered around strength and speed (the dynamics of these two will again be position and athlete specific). Strength will be primarily developed through the use of exercises related to the primary movers (in football this is usually done through a minimum of a leg exercise such as a squat variation or leg press, an upper body pushing exercise such as the bench press and a floor pull exercise such as a deadlift variation or Olympic lift such as a clean variation). These will typically be the core exercises upon which a football workout program is built. As mentioned this portion of the phase will have a maximum strength focus which will result in a drop of reps usually from the 10-20 rep range for most hypertrophy exercises to 1-8 for most maximum strength exercises.

Speed during this period will be developed through the use of sprint exercises in the 10m - 100m range. With football the focus will typically be on the lower end of this range as start speed (0 - 30m) is much more of a focus than top end speed (40-70m) in most position, in most situations.

In addition to weight and sprint training, for more advanced high school athletes now is also a good time to add plyometric exercises primarily in the form of single and multi jumps (both horizontal and vertical). This portion of the training phase should last approximately 3-5 months.

The final portion of the training phase begins to deemphasize strength and speed development (focusing more so on maintenance of these skills) and begins to focus on sport specific skill development. Here position specific drills (throwing, catching, kicking, blocking, tackling, etc) should begin to be emphasized either directly or indirectly while also continuing to to work on strength and conditioning. This should be the most intense and time consuming part of the the high school football workout program. Using 2 or even 3 mini workouts a day for 3 - 5 days a week would not be uncommon.

By the end of this final part of the training phase the football player should be completely developed physically for the season ahead. Continue on to Phase 3 - Competition - here.

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