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Mid-Penn - Keystone Division

Mid-Penn - Commonwealth Division

Mid-Penn - Capital Division

Mid-Penn - Colonial Division

      What does Rating mean?

A Team's Rating increases or decreases based on the Team's performance the prior week.  The Wizard uses an algorithm to determine the amount of the increase or decrease.  The higher a Team's rating, the better The Wizard believes that team is.  A Team with a higher rating than their opponent is determined to be better than their opponent and will therefore be predicted to beat their opponent.

      What does Win% mean?

A Team's Win% is the percentage chance that The Wizard gives that team of beating its opponent.  While a strong team/team with a higher rating will have a better % chance to beat its opponent. The Wizard does not give absolute Win/Loss predictions, that is why the game is played.

2017 Week 10 Oddz

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