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Top 10 Exercises for a Big Vertical Jump

Looking for ways to increase that vertical jump? Don't know where to start? THE WIZARD is here to help!

Below The Wizard breaks down the Top 10 exercises for a bigger vertical jump -

1. Ankle Hops - one of the best bang for your buck exercises for vertical jump is none other than the ankle hop. A simple exercise that will get you no more than a few inches in the air, the ankle hop has a low risk of injury, low initial strength requirements, but high impact on calf development and explosion.

2. Balance Board - another low fatigue, high value exercise. Add a few minutes to the end of your workout program standing on a balance board to strengthen the stabilizer muscles used during the vertical jump. This won't make you sore, but it will make you a better jumper.

3. Bleacher Blasts - one of the more strenuous exercises that increase the vertical jump, bleacher blasts help develop the quad and help you to blast through the accent of the vertical jump. Ensure that you are performing bleacher blasts on a surface that keeps your knee angle at an angle of no more than 90 degrees in order to avoid injury.

4. Calf Raise - calf develop is a staple of any serious vertical jump program. Reps should be the main focus of a beginners vertical jump program for your calfs, but as the athlete advances in their career there should be a mix of focus between reps and adding weight to any calf exercises.

5. Front Raise - legs are not the only focus of a vertical jump program. Shoulder development is also a key area of development for any serious jumper. Keep the weights at a moderate level here and focus on isolating the shoulder rather than creating a swinging motion.

6. Lunge Jump - want to feel a real burn? Add a few rounds of lunge jumps to your vertical jump program and let The Wizard know how legs are feeling the next day.

7. Shrugs - thought we were going to stop the upper body portion of the vertical jump with just the front raise, think again. Nothing gets upward momentum going for the upper body portion of the vertical jump like some good shrugs.

8. Squat - the staple of any good strength program is also a staple of any good vertical jump program. Keep your legs no more than shoulder width apart and focus more on adding big weight than worrying about the haters saying your not going low enough. Not every program is designed for a full squat.

9. Step Ups - a close relative to the bleacher blast, a bit more muscle development, a bit less explosion, but none the less a good neurological builder of a good vertical jump.

10. Vertical Jumps - if you want to be a good vertical jumper, you have to practice jumping. This one is a no brainer.

Happy Jumping!

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