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Infographics, Maybe?

The Wizard tries his hand at Infographics, maybe?

Here is The Wizard's first attempt at an Infographic. This shows the number of regular season wins a team has had in 2016 & 2017 for Mid-Penn football plotted on the graph with the bubble size being the size of the high-school class population.

This was just done in excel so the picture quality could be better. Also some of the teams became overlapped. So for overall picture quality/ease of use I give it a D-.

For coolness factor, I do like the bubbles and the text for the names was a bit edgy, I thought kind of cool. I did off center the title and font sizes are now all the same and it isn't the easiest to read. I'll give the coolness factor a C+.

For usefulness you can tell Cumberland Valley is really big and pretty good. You can tell Steel-High had a good 2017 regular season and a rougher 2016 season and is pretty small. You can tell that Boiling Springs has had rough seasons both years. Overall you can a decent amount but you can't tell the actual size of the schools so I'll give this C.

Overall this was fun to do and The Wizard will try it again at some point. Your first try is never as good as someone else's 100th or 1,000th try. Also not sure if a Bubble Graph counts as an Infographic, but we will pretend. Hopefully The Wizard can improve with time.

In either case, enjoy!

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