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New New Mid-Penn - Football Playoff Oddz

Only two weeks left in the regular season and the playoff picture is becoming more clear. As The Wizard predicted last week, there were no additional teams that clinched the playoffs this week. However there were additional teams who playoffs hopes ended - West Perry, Trinity, Camp Hill & Susquehanna Township.

Northern York got a big win over Shippensburg this past week to make their playoff hopes more than a pipe dream.

East Pennsboro has come on strong with big wins over Trinity and Palmyra to go from a borderline playoff team to near a sure thing. On the flip side, Palmyra's playoff hopes have seriously faded with 3 straight losses.

CD East strengthened its playoff hopes this past week with a win, which it desperately needed as it goes into its final 2 games as an underdog in each.

Carlisle loss to CD East has Carlisle needing a lot of help to make the playoffs at this point.

This week should lead to around 3 or 4 additional playoff clinches. For those teams stuck on the bubble next week The Wizard will try to take a deeper dive into what is needed for a playoff birth.

Mid-Penn Playoff Oddz

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