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Updated Mid-Penn Football - District Playoff Oddz

Another week down and another week closer to the playoffs. After the hustle and bustle of another week of Mid-Penn high school football, The Wizard has updated the oddz of each team making the District 3 playoffs (District 6 for State College & Mifflin County).

100% in Playoff Oddz indicates The Wizard now believes the team is a lock. So welcome to the playoffs - Middletown, Steel-High, Harrisburg & Cumberland Valley.

0% in Playoff Oddz indicates the team has been eliminated from the playoffs according to The Wizard. There are now 7 teams that are completely eliminated from the playoffs - all of which had at least 5 losses at this point.

Green in the change column means the team increased their chances of the playoffs by at least 10%. Whereas Red in the change column means the team decreased their chances of the playoffs by at least 10%.

Each of the conferences should now expect to get the following number of teams in the playoffs - Colonial Division - 1 to 2, Capital Division - 3, Commonwealth Division - 5, Keystone Division 1 to 2.

Next week will likely see more eliminations as the playoff picture becomes more clear, but few additional teams clinch other than State College and maybe one or two of the current two loss teams. Which means, as always the playoffs will come do the last game of the last day of the regular season.

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