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Mid-Penn Commonwealth - Team by Team - District 3 Playoff Oddz

So what does Oprah and the Mid-Penn Commonwealth Division have in common you may be asking yourself? The Wizard will tell you what. You get a playoff birth and you get a playoff birth and you get a playoff birth...........

District 3 will be handing out playoff births to the Commonwealth like Oprah handed out cars in that epic clip.

Last year the Commonwealth Division had 5 of it's 7 teams make the playoffs (State College in District 6). This year look for the Commonwealth to tie or even surpass that amount. The Division is made up of 6 6A teams (State College, Cumberland Valley, Central Dauphin, CD East, Carlisle & Chambersburg) and 5A (Harrisburg).

This year Harrisburg (6-0) is as lock as locks get. Barring the earth exploding or District 3 deciding they no longer want to do playoffs Harrisburg is in. The Wizard gives Harrisburg a 99% chance of making the playoffs, because it ain't over til its over.

Cumberland Valley (5-1), like Harrisburg, is darn near a lock. They had a mid-season loss to Central Dauphin and ends the season with Harrisburg which will be an uphill battle. But lucky for Cumberland they play Harrisburg 1 time and not 4 times to end the season. Cumberland has 3 very winnable games and likely only needs to win 1 of those to be comfortable in their playoff hopes. The Wizard gives Cumberland Valley a 99% chance of making the playoffs.

State College (5-1) as mentioned doesn't play in District 3 but rather District 6. But like District 3 State College will likely need a 6-4 record to make the playoffs, potentially 7-3 as only 2 District 6 6A teams make the playoffs. State College can probably write a W on the schedule in pen against Chambersburg so that alone gets them close. Pulling out 1 more win vs one of the Dauphin Teams (Dauphin & CD Dauphin) will get them there. And if all else fails an upset victory against Harrisburg would also get them there. Expect to see State College in the post season, the Wizard gives them a 97% chance of making it there.

Central Dauphin (4-2) will likely test the theory of whether 6-4 is good enough to make the playoffs. Games against Harrisburg and State College tilt one way, games against Chambersburg and Red Land will likely go another way - you can decide what way The Wizard means. The Wizard gives a good chance of 6-4 making the playoffs, giving Central Dauphin an 89% chance of making it.

CD East (5-1) will likely make the playoffs as long as they don't lose out and still could potentially make it. However, not losing out isn't as easy as a task as it might sound with 4 games left when those games are against - State College, Carlisle, Cumberland Valley & Bishop McDevitt who have combined for only 6 losses total. The Wizard gives Central Dauphin East a 92% chance of making the post-season.

Carlisle (4-2) like CD East, does not have the easiest schedule remaining. They have some relief with Chambersburg, but Cumberland Valley, CD East and Harrisburg are all currently favorites in the next 3 games. This doesn't give Carlisle much room to work with, but all is not lost, the Wizard thinks there is still a shot, giving Carlisle a 32% chance at the playoffs.

Chambersburg (0-6) you don't get a car =(

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