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Mid-Penn Colonial Division - Power Rankings Announced

Last but not least, The Wizard is announcing the Colonial Division Power Rankings for the 2017 PIAA High School Football Season. The Colonial Division holds a special place in the hearts of The Wizard. That is because in 2016 The Wizard focused solely on the Colonial Division in order to determine the accuracy of the Power Rankings. This allowed for a much closer analysis and appreciation for the division.

The Colonial Division provided for a great story line last year as Shippensburg, Waynesboro and Northern York not only battled for Division Champion, but also battled their way into the playoffs. Intrigue also surrounded the division with the addition of Mifflin County and West Perry to the division while saying goodbye to East Pennsboro.

In 2017, the Colonial Division has another change, with James Buchanan opting to become an Independent team and leave the Colonial Division.

Once again the Colonial Division should have a fight brewing for the top spot in the division, although Shippensburg looks to have a slight advantage in the Division returning much of its offensive firepower from last season.

So, as the Grand Finale, here are the Power Rankings for the Mid-Penn Colonial Division -

Please continue to stay tuned as the season approaches and The Wizard continues to make improvements and updates to the site, including the initial Week 1 Oddz to be released in coming weeks!

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