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Mid-Penn Capital Division - Power Rankings Announced

We are now in August. The month of football camp and scrimmage games. This is where the rubber starts to meet the road for high school football. In this 3rd installment of the 2017 Wizard of Oddz Mid-Penn Power Rankings Announcement the Wizard will be announcing the Power Rankings for the Mid-Penn Capital Division.

While the Mid-Penn Capital Division is the smallest division in terms of average class size of the participating schools, it is the largest conference in terms of number of schools with 8. In addition, the Capital Division is home to the most powerful school in the Mid-Penn, the Middletown Blue Raiders. The Blue Raiders are the reigning PIAA AAA runner-ups, falling to Beaver Falls in the championship game in 2016, their only loss after racking up 14 straight wins to start the season.

One of the unique features of the Capital Division is that while it is the smallest division in terms of school size on average, it also has largest spread of classes in the Mid-Penn Division. The Capital Division spans from single A - Steelton-Highspire to AAAAA Palmyra. This can lead to some interesting end of season results.

In 2016, Steelton-Highspire ended the regular season at 3-7, however was able to make the playoffs and make a deep run in those PIAA playoffs. However, on the flip side Palmyra finished the regular season at 8-2, but was unable to qualify for the PIAA playoffs due to a larger pool of AAAAA teams and a weaker strength of schedule due to the lower classes of their opponents.

No doubt 2017 will continue to result in some unique outcomes for teams in the Capital Division. To get those discussions started, below are the Wizard's opening Power Rankings for the Capital Division -

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