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Who Will Win the Mid-Penn Colonial Division in 2016?

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Time flies when you're having fun. With only 2 weeks remaining in the 2016 Mid-Penn Colonial Division football season, The Wizard of Oddz breaks down each team's chances of being division champions.

First my apologies, but if you are a fan or player of James Buchanan, Greencastle, West Perry or Mifflin County football teams this article is not for you, because The Wizard says you have no chance of being Colonial Division Champs in 2016. If you are in this group you may or may not be technically eliminated from winning the Division, but you might as well be.

If your team was not in that list congrats, you still have a chance of being a champion this year. Here is the list of potential PIAA Mid-Penn Colonial Champions -

4. Northern York - while Northern York has virtually no chance of an outright Colonial Championship in 2016 with a current record of 3-2 in the division, the Polar Bears do have a 3.5% chance of being a split champion this year. (Note there are no tie-breakers for Division Championship, the top record or records each win a share of the Championship).

3. Big Spring - currently Big Spring sits tied for the Division Championship with Waynesboro and Shippenburg and therefore like the other 2 teams, controls their own destiny. However, The Wizard currently believes that the Bulldogs will lose the season finale to the Greyhounds and therefore give Big Spring 2% chance at an outright championship and a 27.5% chance of a split championship.

2. Shippensburg - a week ago Shippensburg had sole control of the Division Championship, however things can change in a weeks time. While the Greyhounds appeared to be a lock to win the Colonial Division, they are now left with some work to do. The Wizard gives the Greyhounds an 8.2% chance of an outright championship and a 55% chance of a split championship.

1. Waynesboro - 4 weeks ago the Indians were 1-3 and wondering what went wrong this season. 4 weeks later the Indians are #1 in The Wizard of Oddz Power Rankings, fighting for a spot in the District 3 playoffs and according to The Wizard, have a 25.8% chance of an outright Mid-Penn Colonial championship and a 63.6% chance of a split championship.

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