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Mid-Penn Colonial Division - Week 9 Round Up


The Wizard of Oddz breaks down the Week 9 High School Football results for the Mid-Penn Colonial Conference, as well as providing links to related articles and statistics.

West Perry 12 - Shippensburg 55 - Adam Houser goes for 152 yards and 2 tds on 11 rushes and adds another td receiving and teammate Cody Gustafson added 123 yards and a td receiving to put his season total over the 1,000 yard mark. This game was over early as Ship carried a 35-6 lead into the half. The large margin a victory put Shippensburg back in the #1 spot in The Wizard's Power Rankings, kept Shippensburg in control of its own destination for a share of the Mid-Penn Colonial Division Championship and kept Shippensburg in control of its destiny for a District 3 playoff spot, currently seated at #3 in AAAA.

Northern York 34 - Greencastle 0 - Kyle Swartz 100 yards rushing and 2 tds on 15 carries paced a rather plain vanilla game that went as expected. The big highlight of the night was probably Aiden Alves 2 40+ yard field goals of the night, so as The Wizard was saying, a rather plain vanilla game. Northern York currently is on the cusp of the AAAA playoff picture sitting at #9, with 8 teams making the AAAA District 3 playoffs.

Big Spring 10 - Mifflin County 27 - in what was a fairly large upset from the The Wizard's perspective, the Huskies take one from Big Spring who was hoping for a share of the Mid-Penn Colonial Championship. As Katie Perry would say of the Huskies, 'you're hot then you're cold........' The Huskies are a seeming enigma, they can lose to West Perry but beat Big Spring and play Ship close. A large reason for the Huskies success this week was the emergence of Aaron Smith who prior to last weeks game was under 100 yards rushing on the year, but has since caught fire with back to back 100+ yard games. In addition, Drew Williams has caught a rhythm in the passing game going 13-16 for 176 in the contest. Waynesboro better not sleep on the Huskies this coming week or they could be in for shattered dreams.

Waynesboro 38 - James Buchanan 0 - Waynesboro did what so many before them have also done and that was beat up on an inferior James Buchanan team. We will give the credit to the Indians' defense on this one, who not only pitched a shut out, but also gave up negative, yes negative 20 yards on the night. Regardless of the level of competition, that is an impressive feat. Waynesboro currently sits at #10 in the AAAAA District 3 playoff rankings, so they will need a win next week against Mifflin and some help to make the playoffs.

The Wizard of Oddz Results - The Wizard went 3 - 1 on the week raising his total record to 40-8 on the season in predicting games.

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